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Q: Help I exited the module and I don't want to start over again!

A: You don't have to. You only have to logon and the program will take you directly to the module you were studying last.

Q: The program will not recognize my username and password.

A: Be sure to safekeep your username (we recommend using your email address) and password. It has been noted most of the time when the program does not accept your username and password it is because you are using a different username and password.

Q. I cannot download the pdf files.

A. 1st answer: It is most likely you do not have enough Ram Memory and your computer speed is not sufficient to rapidly download the pdf files. Some of the pdf documents are 50 plus pages. Our recommendation is to be patient. Also make sure you have the pdf viewer installed which can be downloaded for free at Adobe click here to download the viewer.

A. 2nd answer: Disable your Firewall software to unblock pdf viewer and your pop-up function if you find you have problems with the downloading of pdf documents and pop-up messages.

Q. The self-test questions are not accepting my ansers. What shall I do?

A. You most likely copied and pasted the anser- which we do recommend- but if that fails please type in your anser directly into the text box provided. If all else fails contact the administrator at admin@itcdonline.com

Q. I lost my downloaded material from the previous modules, can I go back and access the material?

A. No you cannot go back. Our terms at the beginning are clearly stated that you must have access to a printer and have some portable drive like a flash drive or zip drive that will store all the information you will need to record. Under certain circumstances we may proved you with the lost material via email.

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Acronyms Glossary Links