APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation
BATNA Best Alternative To a Negotiated Agreement
CD Commercial Diplomacy
CPIL Code of Public International Law
DC Developing Country
DSB Dispute Settlement Body
DSM Dispute Settlement Mechanism
FTA Free Trade Area
GATS General Agreement on Trade in Services
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
GMO Genetically Modified Organism
ICDP International Commercial Diplomacy Project
ILO International Labour Organisation
IMF International Monetary Fund
LDC Least-Developed Country
MEA Multilateral Environmental Agreement
MFN Most Favored Nation
NAFTA North American Free Trade Agreement
NGO Non Government Organization
NTB Non Tariff Barrier
NTR Normal Trade Relations
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
RTA Regional Trade Agreement
SPS Sanitary and Phytosanitary
TRIPS Trade-Related aspects of Intellectual Property Rights
UNCTAD United Nations Conference on Trade and Development
WIPO World Intellectual Property Organization
WTO World Trade Organization

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