What type of Institute is this?

The Institute for Trade and Commercial Diplomacy (ITCD) is a nonprofit educational institution.

How long has ITCD been around?
ITCD began in 1999 in order to serve the need for specialized training in commercial diplomacy.


Can I register only online?


What are the educational requirements?

You need the following:

  1. To be enrolled in or a graduate of a recognized university.
  2. Or have one or more years work experience in a professional environment.
  3. All participants must be proficient in English.


How do I pay for the course?

Payments can be made by personal check (U.S. only), bank certified cashier’s check, Western Union, or Bank Wire Transfer. Payment must be in U.S. dollars.

What is the cost to take the course?

Is financial aid available?
ITCD offers tuition assistance on a case-by-case basis for students in special economic need situations.

What if I am unable to complete the course? Will I be reimbursed?

If you are unable to complete the course for any reason. you will not be reimbursed.


What are the technical requirements to take the course?

Please refer to the "Terms and Conditions" section found on our homepage for the technical requirements for this online program.



Will a certificate in Commercial Diplomacy make a difference in my career?

The program is designed to give a professional involved in trade policy issues, whether in the government or the private sector, a solid grounding in the analytical techniques required to think through all the aspects of the issue and to map out a strategy for advancing an organization’s trade policy objectives. The certificate signifies successful completion of the program, and is symbolic of the new skills attained.

Are any credits given towards a University degree?
Policies among higher educational institutions vary with respect to applying credits to work experience and other successfully completed programs. Check with your university’s administrative department or career counselor to learn if ITCD online can be applied to course credits.

Is the ITCD Online Certificate Program really 100% online?
Yes, 100%.

How long will it take for me to complete the program?

The program can be pursued by each individual at their own pace. The course should take about 80-100 hours, though it may take more time or less time depending on the individual's familiarity with the topics.

Is there a time limit to complete the course?
There is a time limit of 6 months.

What is the registration process?
Once you have submitted your registration you will go through an approval process. You will receive an email that you have been accepted to the program and be directed to the registration page to pay your tuition fee. Upon completion of this process, you will gain access to the ITCD Online electronic classroom. Once there, you will have an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the learning environment on the Welcome Page.

When do I start the program?
You will gain access to the program once your application has been approved and you have received your confirmation email.

Who has developed the material for the online course?
A wide range of experts in the fields represented in commercial diplomacy.

Will there be an instructor for the program?
No, this is a self-study program. An online forum is available for sharing ideas and seeking help.

When and how often do I have to be online for class?
There is no set schedule. You choose your own hours and frequency of visits to the site

What if I have problems?
For technical problems check the Help page. If your question is not answered there send an email to admin@itcdonline and check with your systems administrator.



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